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2017 - A Year of Reconciliation, A Year to Choose Love


2017 - A Year of Reconciliation, A Year to Choose Love

Before I get into this deeply personal (and introspective) post, I want to promote my new YouTube series that will be out starting Friday! It’s really fun and I filmed it with one of my best friends, so check it out and share your thoughts on the topics: Cinco de Mayo, Cultural Appropriate, Great Music, and SOUP!


I am currently 20,000 ft. in the air flying to Chicago for work despite missing my initial flight and waiting at the airport for 5ish hours. I am exhausted, but I can’t sleep. I’ve had something on my mind that I really need to get out. RECONCILIATION.

Lately, I’ve really been wanting to create lasting and real relationships with people. Some people may read this and know that I am referring to them, but I really want them to know that my intentions are true. I really want to be cool with everyone.

Over the past few months and even years to a degree, there have been a number of people who I felt have hurt me. Whether they meant to or not, I found myself resenting them and not wishing the best for them. I’ve honestly wished the opposite at some points. But this post isn’t about how much I’ve hated others or held grudges, it’s about fixing it. Recently, I had an in depth conversation with an old friend and I saw in their eyes that they really did care for me and wished the best for me. How can I harbor hate towards someone who wants me to be happy? Easy. Their actions for one reason or another caused the opposite. But in that moment when I was vulnerable and sharing my feelings of hurt and confusion, I realized that they had felt the exact same way. I saw that neither one of us wanted this negativity in our lives. After that honest moment I found clarity and the beginning of a new/old friendship.

We all talk about (or at least I have) the ability to cut people out of our lives, but do you really have that power? I know I don’t. I try to act like other’s action don’t hurt me and everyone is just replaceable, but it’s quite the opposite. Now I choose to focus on something else. The memories, the love, the moments of honesty have become what I try to cling on to. We all make mistakes, we all have hurt someone, and we are not perfect. BUT what we can do is make amends. I don’t have to be best friends with everyone or the people who I’ve grown a part from, but I REFUSE to be filled with hatred.

This is so sappy, but in 2017 (wow, we’re almost halfway through the year) let’s choose to love. Let’s choose to support. Let’s choose to forgive. Let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt because we don’t know what anyone is going through behind closed doors. Think all of the serious things that you’ve gone through. Have you never acted out or done things you aren’t proud of as a result? I would hate for my misplaced emotions to end a relationship forever.

To those of you that I have ever hurt (maybe even unknowingly): I’m truly sorry. I don’t want to live my life hating anyone or rolling my eyes every time someone says your name. Let’s hang out. Let’s get to know each other. Let’s meet in the middle. We’ve all got a story to tell and lessons to share and no matter what we’ve gone through, I want to hear it. SOOOOO long story short: Let’s all love each other because President Tiny hands is spewing out enough hate for all of us.


With the deepest level of sincerity,

Devin (DevDoe if ya nasty)


AnimaBellaInc - The Woman Behind the Camera


AnimaBellaInc - The Woman Behind the Camera

So you may have noticed that I participated in a photoshoot a few weeks ago because I’ve been posting photos from it at least once a week at this point! Well this photoshoot all came as a result of Aurelia Michael’s program, the Daniel Planner’s Experience, where you start your year off right and focus on evolving in quite a few ways. This was my second time participating in this program and I was fortunate to have Gabrielle Goodman as my accountability partner. This meant that at least once a week we would facetime and talk about our goals, our failures, and just anything else. Little did I know I had found a new friend and talented photographer. Gabrielle is such an amazing photographer because she is such a great person. She is able to make you feel so comfortable and empowered in front of her camera that you literally won’t want to stop. I decided to interview her because you all need to know how great she is both as a person, dancer, and photographer! Enjoy!!

Tell us a little about yourself! 

My name is Gabrielle. I am 20 years old living in the DMV area. I come from an extremely large family whom I love SO much. I am passion driven and love centered. My passions are dance (first love), photography and film. Lastly, I am the founder of Anima Bella INC 

How did you get started in photography?

Photography is something that is so valuable to everyone and such a great gift. I actually got interested in photography when I was about 14 years old. My grandfather was turning 60 and my family had planned a HUGE party for him. I wanted to give him something special along with something he could keep until the end of time. So I had this Cool idea to take photos and videos at his party which I later turned into a DVD. I remember using this little, extremely low quality Kodak camera and windows photo editor (the very basic version). What really got me hooked was sharing those images and videos with my loved ones. Seeing their face light up and seeing them happy meant everything to me. Those photos and videos got people talking and then reminiscing. Exchanging memories and stories. It instantly became my second love (dance being my first) and I haven't stopped since.

What inspires you as an artist? 

Feeling inspires me. Energy inspires me. Every idea starts with an energy and a feeling. Whether it comes from within or from someone else. It all stems from an energy or a feeling, sometimes even both. 

How can people contact you for photoshoots? 

DM me on Instagram @missanimabella or @animabellainc

Email me!

Anything else you want to tell us? 

Spend time alone. Get to know you. Be your own best friend. Be truly and unapologetically you... a part of this world is set up for us to fail. And parts of it gleams from us not being ourselves and working so hard to be something/somebody that we are not. This world can trick us into thinking that our true being isn't good enough for the universe & believe me it's so damn easy to get stuck in that part of the world. But truth is…there is greatness instilled within each and every single one of us. It's what you choose to do with that greatness that determines your destiny and most importantly your true happiness. It starts with love...Not one single soul on this earth can love you the way YOU can. Nurture your body mind and soul with greatness from those who inspire you. Read books. Be selfish. Research. Explore the world. Find your likes and your dislikes. Find strength within yourself. Make mistakes. Truly LIVE. The sooner in your life that you realize that this life is YOURS, the closer you will be to achieving Anima Bella...your Beautiful Soul... 


I MEAN COME ON! Is she not the most amazing person ever? Reach out to her and shoot with her because she’s the best. Follow her here and here!

Lots of love,



Club Funk x Capital Funk takes ElementsXVII


Club Funk x Capital Funk takes ElementsXVII

Have you ever been in a room looking around and everyone and just thought, “Wow. This is where I belong.”  Neither have I. Just kidding. That is the exact feeling  I felt on the last day of Hell Week with Capital Funk as we prepared for what would be one of my most rewarding performances to date.  This past weekend, my second family embarked on a trip to Boston to compete at ElementsXVII and we won! #1stPlace

Now I know people always say this, but I really did not care if we won because performing on that stage and overcoming all of the obstacles to get to that point was more than enough. Yes, it would be great to take home a win, but I think all of us felt such a sense of pride in our work that no trophy could change that. I don’t want to rant on and on, but I just want to say how grateful I am to be on a team that truly cares about one another and puts such a level of dedication  and creativity into what they do. From the costumes to building (all 2947 times) the staircase, none of this could happen without the level of trust our captains has in the team and we (the team) have in our captains. Auditioning for this family has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made because each practice, performance, party, and conversation (I couldn’t think of another “P” word…sue me) has allowed me to learn and grow as more than just a dancer. Thanks CFUNK! Can’t wait to perform this set one last time at showcase (BTW: Come to Showcase)!

With all da luv,



It takes a hell week...


It takes a hell week...

You know when you go through those really difficult moments where you’re being pushed past your limits and to the point of exhaustion, but you can’t help but smile? You’ve tasted a Cfunk hell week. For the past week or so, I have been constantly (rehearsing until the weeeee hours of the night/morning) surrounded by people of different backgrounds who bond together for one reason. Their love of dance and faith in Capital Funk.


Maybe I’m just being a sap, but I think that is beautiful. Over the past few months, I’ve gone through periods where I questioned my love for dance. Is it something sustainable or even meant for me to do because it doesn’t pay my bills, but takes up 90% of my time? Dance is one of those pursuits where even when you’re at the top of your career, you may not have fame or fortune. You have to love it to keep it up. My relationship with this craft has been tumultuous to say that least. Is it really worth it?


Yes. Sure, there are moments I feel like my growth is slower than the person next to me (who cares?). There are moments I feel like I’m not where I should be or receiving the right opportunities. But after a 7 hour day in the office, here I am at 9:30PM knowing that I am exactly where I should be. My back is throbbing and I know I’ll be here for at least 3 more hours, but what really hits me is that I would not put myself through this “hell” if I did not love to dance. Dance is a relationship worth fighting for in my life and Capital Funk has made the fight so much easier.


After joining this team, I’ve realized that I am not in this fight alone. There is a room full of people struggling next to me to stay awake, to look their best, and to make Cfunk proud. Cfunk is a team of support. This week I challenge you to think about what it is that you simply cannot give up? What do you have to fight for and who is to your left and right helping you along the way? Cling to them! Thank them. What takes up the majority of your time and is it something that you are proud of? I believe in the importance of finding what makes you tick and who keeps you ticking.


Thank you Capital Funk for reminding me why I love to dance. Thank you for pushing me when I’m complacent and all of the laughs when I want to frown. Thanks y’all!