Hey Friends!

So I’ve really been slacking on the blog front! I started my YouTube channel and tried to focus on that, but now I’m back (and I’m better!).


Today I wanted to talk about the idea of feeling stagnant in your life. The feeling of progression is something that I constantly chase after. If you could tell, I’m always changing something, creating something, or finding a new goal to achieve. Honestly it can be quite exhausting. I’m starting to get to a point in my own life where I feel like I’m not where I want to be. I know I’m only 23 years old, but there is so much more that I want to achieve and often times I feel like what I am doing is getting me nowhere.

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Do you ever look back at you 10 year old self and remember all of your dreams and aspirations? I do it every day lol and let’s just say I’m not the teen star that I desired to be so strongly. I’m my sixth grade yearbook I said that my secret ambition was to be a teen star on Nickelodeon. I decided against Disney because those kids tend to go crazy and can’t shake the Disney image (I know that’s irrelevant lol). Let's just say that goal never happened. 

Regardless, in my current situation I just feel like I want more out of life. I keep creating new things and seeking out new opportunities, but I’m not really satisfied with where I am. One of my professors told me in that past that I need to be comfortable with being in the present and I truly agree with that idea. However, I cannot shake my desire to progress and improve and fight for the future I deserve.

I know this sounds like a sad post, but it really isn’t. I want to remind everyone that it is okay to not be satisfied with your life. It is okay to want more for yourself. Yes I have a job, degrees, and multiple support systems. I am so grateful for all of my blessings, but I still want more. I deserve more. We all have the capacity to achieve our dreams and goals and we should not feel bad for it. Let’s all keep doing the work. Keep searching and growing.