Prince is easily the shadiest performer/artists/person on the planet. With just a look he will have you drowning in the shadows and I live for it. I hope to one day be as shady as this legend:

giphy (10).gif

One does not play Prince, one plays themselves. #YouTriedIt 

Remember that time he shaded a tribute performance to himself. Prince does not care if you're performing for him...you can still catch the shade! 

*Sips tea*

2. He does not allow societal norms to dictate his style, art, or swaggggggg

One of my favorite aspects about Prince is that he is such a weirdo and makes no apologies. From a young age I was inspired by a black male who wore what he wanted, said what he wanted, and dressed how he wanted. Prince serves looks!

You favorite tries to look this i c o n i c

But sadly could never hold a candle to Prince. 

3. He knew to collab with the future QWEEN OF THE WORLD, Beyoncé

Prince knows what's up. 

He knew my girl was poppin before she was even poppin! 

4. He was WOKE

(but honestly when I saw this speech, I was SHOOK)

Prince was a true activist who fought for political stances, challenged record label execs and focused on empowering African-Americans. Remember after the death of Freddie Gray when Prince performed a tribute concert for the people and explicitly addressed Freddie Gray and Michael Brown. Bruh was a true political artist.

5. He was an unconventional and unapologetic sex symbol

I know we kind of covered this, but what other 5’3 man in a purple suit had the ability to steal your girl while also wearing your girl’s heels? PRINCE DAS WHO!

Or get into these lyrics #MrStealYoGirl

Prince really just does not care what anyone thinks. 

Work on that zipper...baby. 

6. He was truly a musical genius and visionary ahead of his time!

Before your fav was being different and making a statement, my fav was putting them to shame.

So on the day of his passing, I really wanted to pay tribute to one of the artists who influences every outfit that I wear and every dance that I choreograph. Celebrate with me and blast his music all weekend long!