So like most of you, I enjoyed my snow day yesterday. I spent the majority of the day bundled up in my bed checking emails and watching Netflix (Side note: started watching This Is Us and I’m obsessed). I took a few breaks to wash clothes and take a stab at cleaning my room (failure), but all in all it was a cozy day that allowed for a much needed break from my self-induced stressful lifestyle.

Now let’s fast forward to the next day when I actually have to wake up and go to the office. The temperature is a rigid 20 degrees and each gust of wind feels like a slap to the face. Not to mention I remembered that I parked slightly further from my building than usual. So I’m walking to my car leaving about an hour to get to work, which is more than enough. Then I remember that I don’t have an ice scraper. I used to have one, but somewhere in the hustle and bustle of life I lost it. Oh well there can’t be too much ice on the car….There at list 4 inches of solid ice coating my car. Devin, just call out of work. It’s not worth it. Against my better judgment I find a hard water bottle and start beating the ice off of my car. It’s pointless. I’m the idiot in the parking lot banging on my car with a plastic cup. This is probably 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I’m ready to quit. I text my roommates to see if one of them has an ice scraper. One lost hers and the other broke hers trying to get the ice off of her own car. Devin, just give up. You made a solid effort. You’re Gucci. I email my boss saying that I’ll be late because I can’t give up quite yet.



At this point the weather has gotten the best of me. I can’t move my fingers, so I decide to go back into my apartment to get hot water to pour on my car. Don’t ask. It sounded like a good idea at the time. So I go to the 18th floor and fill a gallon jug of water. We got this! I get back to the elevator and it’s not working….You’ve got to be kidding me. Luckily, my roommate Macho somehow managed to get it to work. I run to my car and throw the water on it and n o t h i n gh a p p e n s.

At this point the guy next to me is scraping away at his car, so I decide that I’ll sit in my car and wait for him to finish and hopefully borrow his when he finishes. So, here I am staring at this older man as he slaves away at his car. In hindsight I probably should have helped, but I was cold and over it. So I’m listening to my music and Instagramming like us millennials do and BOOM. He breaks his scraper. I quit. I’m going inside. God wants me to work from home.

No at this point I’ve put in too much time to just give up, so I walk to a gas station. It’s about a 5 minute walk in this weather and by minute 3 I feel like I’m going to DIE. But I push through, I buy the scraper. $8 I probably should have invested in the day before to be honest. I get to my car and I am murdering this ice. It felt great to let my frustration out on the ice…until my scraper breaks….look.

Oh nah.  I literally start beating the ice with the broken scraper and people are probably looking at me like I need to be institutionalized. The car is drivable, so I go to back up and…you guessed it. My car is stuck in the snow. It’s also important to note that my boss has replied saying that I can just work from home. But no. It’s personal at this point. I refuse to give in. (Looking back I don’t know why I didn’t take my happy self back into my room and rewarded myself with a glass of wine for the effort). I get out and start beating the snow like it stole my lunch money. I drive back and forth over the ice mound until WOOP THERE IT IS! I’m out. *the crowd goes wild*



This story may seem pointless, but to me it felt like a sign. Sometimes it feels like everything, everyone, everybody is working against you. All of the doors are closing in your face and everything is saying give up. It’s so easy to just turn around and go back inside to my generally warm apartment. Well today I drove to work feeling like I won the lottery. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the haters. Even when that hater is you!  Push through on this hump day because if you fight for it, you will achieve it. I know I’m cheesy, but hey to know me is to love me!



Dev the snowkillah (Icekillah..idk)