Today I took a dance class that was centered around the idea of being the person that you know you truly are deep down. The instructor eloquently spoke of the idea that we limit ourselves into being someone who does not truly encompass our full potential. He used a metaphor where the person that we really want to be is on the other side of a door that we prevent ourselves from passing through. I visualized a person who is confident in who they are and in their abilities. A person who did not care if others appreciated their skills and talents because this person is not only was aware of his talents, but he also enjoys them. I so desperately wanted to pass through that door and fully become that person.

There rarely are times in my life in which there is someone else holding me back from reaching a goal or making a dream a reality. It is always my mind and my fears that hold me back. It is all too easy to speak about what I want to do: "I want to move to New York" "I want to be a famous actor, singer, dancer" " I want work for GQ" Where it gets difficult is in the preparation and the pursuing of these dreams. The "what I will do." Because we artist tend to be so visionary, it is very difficult to make a vision a reality. These visions start to fade into doubts. I start to doubt myself and hold myself back from realizing my true potential. The worst part for me is that I am aware of my gifts and talents, but that idea of failure haunts me. At times it is just easier to give up and not take the risk of truly failing. I know deep down that I would rather fail at pursuing a lifelong dream of mine, than to cower in fear living a life overflowing with regret. And even deeper down, I know that if I really allow myself to commit to being the best me that I can be, failure is not an option. I know that I will succeed. I just need to allow myself to give in to that side of my consciousness.

A few months ago I was elected to be the president of my team. Now I legitimately LOVE this team. Even before I was the president, I would constantly think of what the team needs and how we can improve. I always found myself talking to the past president about the team and it is one of the main reasons she became one of my best friends. Naturally, I envisioned myself one day leading this team like the many other leaders who did before me. I looked up to all of the past presidents and I wanted to be just like them. When election time started to come up, I found myself doubting my abilities and my passion for the team. People would suggest that I should run for president, and I would very quickly shoot them down. I would say that I'm not good enough or I'm not ready. This was that fear that I spoke of earlier. I feared that I wouldn't win and I feared that I could not lead the team as well as the previous leaders. I did not want to let everyone down after such a stellar year for the team. I got to a point where I did not even think I deserved to be on the team anymore because I was shooting myself down. Eventually, I came to my senses when a former team president spoke about how all you need to do is care about the team. I knew that I 100% cared about the team and its growth.

Here I am now pursuing that short-term goal of being the president. The executive board and I have already made huge steps toward being a successful team simply because I allowed myself to be that person on the other side of the door. I chose to mute my doubts and insecurities and allow the leader that I am shine. Classes like this past one remind me of these times where I was able to quiet my doubts and show the awesome person that I really am. I challenge each of you to be that person that you know you can be. Don't listen to the external or internal forces that hold you back. You can do it. We can do it.