So you survived a weekend of running into old "friends" from high school and dodging the nagging questions of distant relatives and managed not to kill anyone.

Well friends, next comes the real challenge: surviving the Monday back in the office/school/work/regular life


So before I joined the 9-5 life, coffee was only used for staying up late to study for exams or complete group projects (who knew majoring in Marketing was truly a degree in group projects?). Now I am a full blown coffee addict. I've been trying to cut back because I think it makes me breakout, but for everyone else's sake, coffee will know my name on Monday. Personally, if I don't have at least two cups of coffee on Monday, I will fight someone. Am I joking? Maybe, maybe not. Let's hope that we never have to find out.

Step 2: Act so busy that no one talks to you


This has become one of my favorite techniques to avoid those annoying siblings, classmates, etc.  When someone tries to engage in conversation with you, simply struggle to listen to them, while also looking very stressed. If they can't take the hint from there, kill them. Just kidding. Simply say, "wow. This conversation is riveting, but unfortunately I actually have work to do unlike you. Leave, peasant." and then put your headphones in and type away. Okay maybe try to exercise a little bit more tact, but you get the point!

Step 3: Treat yourself to a BOMB lunch


"But Dev, shouldn't we be eating our Thanksgiving leftovers?" That is a valid question. But no. Treat yourself to your favorite lunch to make that Monday just a little bit better. Hopefully you still have funds available after those Black Friday deals sucked you dry. (I mean jeez between Asos and Boohoo, I am broke.)  I'm weird and my favorite place to eat out for lunch is Chopt. The Kale Caesar salad does things to me. Figure out what meal makes you pleasant and pig out.

Step 4: Look Good, Feel Good


So yeah these steps aren't in order...sue me. Anyways, when you look good, you feel good. This Monday and any day that you don't really want to be out and about in the world, try to dress your best. It will automatically put a little pep in your step. You'll also notice the people around you looking at you like "He/she/they look goodt." That always makes me feel good. Look good, feel like Beyonce. Bey never gets a case of the Mondays.

Step 5: Stay in bed


When your alarm goes off on that inevitable Monday morning, just say NO. Stay in bed, work from home, quit your job, drop out of school, rob a bank, do whatever it takes. If that doesn't work, suck it up and take the world by storm. I feel like the days I dread the most end up being the best ones. Start your day off right and the rest of the day will follow. Your attitude plays such a huge role in how your interact with the world. Trust me. I came out of the womb rolling my eyes and I can tell you that being a positive person makes life so much easier. This Monday let's get to business. I can do it, you can do it, we can do it.


DevDoe. <3