I really don't want this blog to be too political, but as I finished watching the latest episode of Blackish I can't help but write about it. If you are unfamiliar with the show, it's essentially about a successful black family and all of the things they go through. It is a show that has tackled many difficult issues including Police Brutality and most recently the election. I love how unapologetic it is in the way that it presents truth. It has been one of the few shows that I have been able to relate to consistently whether it be relating to being black in the workforce or struggling with where you fit in at a predominantly white private school.

The episode that really got me was entitled "Lemons" and is from season 3, episode 12. It deals with how everyone reacted to the previous election and nomination of the country's next president. You've probably seen the scene that has gone viral in which Dre (played by Anthony Anderson) delivers a monologue about how black people are used to ending up with the short end of the stick and that this election was no different.

I want to encourage you to watch this episode. For people on both sides of the election's outcome, it shows you that not everyone who voted for President-Elect Trump are racist, sexist, or homophobic, etc. There are a lot of factors that played into this election. Another part that opened my eyes is the idea that this election gave people a taste of the disappointment that people of color and underprivileged groups have become so used to. The finals sentiment that the show left me with was that in four years, there will be a new group of voters. A population that publications like Teen Vogue and Buzzfeed speak to everyday and they will not sit around. They are educated, young, and want to see a change. So I personally am hopeful for the future. I feel like we have all been pushed backwards before and this time is no different. We will push forward full of hope and ready to make a difference.

This was more of a free writing experiment, so forgive me if I rambled! Did you watch the episode I would love to hear your thoughts even if you hated it! Also I have to note that Donald Trump will never be my president k thanks bye.

Yours Truly,